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Lexi of Discretion    
May 2010
20 year old, size 10, quite pretty
£50 for 30 minutes (equivalent to £100 per hour)
This session happened in HU3 2DG
Very good session with a lady who clearly enjoys what she is doing
    Oral sex without a condom
    Reverse Oral
    Penetrative sex
Finding myself in Hull with ninety minutes to spare, I chanced upon Discretion (less than a mile from my destination), a parlour whose website I have often visited, but never had the chance to pay a visit. Ladies working were Lexi (who looked lovely) and (I think) Keysha who didn't look lovely...

I chose Lexi and she made me a brew and sat in the lounge, engaging me in full conversation - extremely pleasant and chatty, very nice touch, put me right at ease. Lexi led me to the room by hand whe...

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