WYSG Report #11120
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Lexi of Discretion    
September 2011
Average height, tubby lady with short blonde hair
£70 for 30 minutes (equivalent to £140 per hour)
This session happened in HU3 2DG
Excellent oral, but let down by hygiene
    Oral sex without a condom
    Come in mouth
This was a spur of the moment decision to pop into Discretion, Hull, a massage parlour buried deep in a small industrial area to the west of the city. A young lady once described this kind of impulse thus: "When the balls are calling!" I know what she meant.

There's a doorbell to buzz and I was let in by the cleaner to the waiting lounge. There were two ladies working, who both greeted me and introduced themselves. I said that I'd like to see Lexi, who was of average height, with short, blond...

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