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Jayden of Discretion    
March 2020
Attractive, early 30s brunette, size 6/8, 5ft 1in, small boobs, extensive tattoos
£80 for 45 minutes (equivalent to £107 per hour)
This session happened in HU3 2DG
Good meet and good sex with a lady that I liked Jayden and will see again
    Oral sex without a condom
    Penetrative sex
I arrived at the Discretion parlour in Hull unannounced and nearly had to leave straight away, as only Darcie (who I'd intended to see, but whom was already booked) was working. However, Jayden had come in on her day off to cover and said that she could see me - I was happy with this and so progressed onward to the room.

Jayden is the same girl as works at Velvets of Cleethorpes - and she also confirmed that she was previously at Sensations too. She needed a couple of minutes to change out of...

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